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Data Analytics for Construction

Measure Performance. Improve Productivity

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We specialise in providing solutions tailored for the construction industry. Leveraging 40+ years of domain expertise.

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Performance Pad is a comprehensive Performance Management Solution that integrates schedules and estimates into a single, cohesive platform. By consolidating these crucial elements, our tool provides invaluable insights that empower construction companies to manage projects more effectively and ensure timely delivery.

Dashboards on cost, time, and cashflow. The three pillars of a project.

Dive deep into the heart of your project's data to uncover actionable insights and foresights. Our connected series of performance dashboards provide real-time visibility to critical project metrics, enabling you to identify performance gaps, predict potential delays, optimize costs effectively.

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Today, it is essential for organisations to eliminate menial tasks with the advent of process automation.

We can help you identify inefficiencies in your existing processes and work with you to automate them thereby improving productivity and efficiency.

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Re-define Construction with Data

Explore our solutions by getting on a call with one of our experts. We can help you understand how data can be utilised for your organisation.

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